Polish VC invests 1 million euro in Dutch start-up

VIGO Ventures starts the year with another investment. Nearly 1 million euro will be provided by the Dutch startup PhotonIP operating in the field of integrated photonics. The company – together with leading industrial partners – is working on an optical integrated circuit. Solutions in the field in which PhotonIP operates are used in the automotive and telecommunications industries, in the production of wearables and in data centers.

The VIGO Ventures investment vehicle was created by the private investment company Warsaw Equity Group and the technology company VIGO System, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It supports entities related to the photonics and deep tech market. This is another transaction in recent months. At the end of 2021, VIGO Ventures invested in Deep Detection – a company that produces multispectral x-ray cameras.

“The amount of information that can be transmitted by light through integrated photonics will be incomparably greater than the well-known electronic systems. At the same time, photonic chips will have an impact on the significant miniaturization of devices and on their much lower energy demand. We hope that the technology created by PhotonIP will contribute to the development of mass production of phonic integrated circuits” – comments Adam Piotrowski, President of VIGO System S.A.

“Our solution eliminates bottlenecks in the production of photonic integrated circuits for various types of sensors and communication networks. The VIGO Ventures investment will help us to implement our first product, and thus to present a wide range of possibilities of using our technology” – says Rui Santos, co-founder and CEO of PhotonIP.

The founding team of PhotonIP has been working in the photonics industry since the 1990s. It comes from the University of Technology in Eindhoven – one of the best research centers in the field of integrated photonics in the world.


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