Polish startup debuts abroad – Senuto is already operating in 6 European countries

In September last year, Senuto, one of the most recognizable analytical platforms on the Polish SEO market, joined forces with WhitePress.

The founder of the brand, Damian Sałkowski, announced then that one of the goals adopted for this year would be to provide a global solution supporting positioners in the field of SEO and content strategy. It did not take long for these assumptions to be met. From March 2023, the Polish startup makes its platform available in the full version in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Senuto gained an advantage over other tools thanks to a multi-million database. He wants to repeat this success also abroad. It already analyzes nearly 4 to 5 million phrases every month in these countries. He plans to launch the platform in other markets. which ones?

– Expanding our services to other countries in Europe is a huge challenge in many fields. At the same time, we know that this is a natural step in the development of our company. After taking the role of the leader on the Polish market, we want to emphasize our presence in the world. At the beginning, we selected 5 countries where we launched the Senuto application in its full version (with 6 modules: Visibility Analysis, Keyword Database, SERP Analysis, Monitoring, Content Planner and Writer). Preparing an application for each new market is a task of enormous proportions. Many people are involved in its implementation. developers and data analysts. The greater the satisfaction when we see that our tool really helps many companies to improve SEO effectiveness and provide high-quality content to their websites – said Damian Sałkowski, CEO of Senuto.



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