Uber for Legal Services start-up: LexU!

The Polish start-up announces the completion of its flagship mobile application and changes its name from Lexly to LexU! App. The premiere of legal uber is set for October 4, 2021. The application will be available in Google Play and App Store.

Thanks to the LexU! Mobile app! App we will be able to connect with a solicitor or attorney in real time. It is a breakthrough application that helps you find the right specialist in a situation that requires legal advice. What’s more – there is a Polish start-up behind it. The idea to create the application was born in 2017, when its originator, Mateusz Januś, while still a law student, noticed the problem and conducted a global social survey on the use of legal services by adults. The test result clearly indicated that there is a problem in finding the right specialist. Work on creating LexU! The app lasted less than a year, and we will be able to test their effect on October 4 on our smartphone.

LexU! The App is a mobile application that allows you to connect to a lawyer on the phone in real time. The advocate or legal advisor will be selected adequately to the previously selected category of the case that the problem concerns. Importantly, the client will be guaranteed a fixed price for an hour’s consultation. The user will receive the professionalism and discretion of a specialist, and the service will remain completely safe and contactless.

The company also plans to debut on NewConnect and expand into foreign markets.


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