Estonia-Poland talk cooperation, gateway to Scandinavia for Polish companies

The presidents of Poland and Estonia meet to talk about mutual cooperation and the possibilities of strengthening it. There is a special reason for this this year due to the centenary of establishing diplomatic relations, but apart from that, both countries share a number of common interests, including as part of the Three Seas Initiative, but also good economic relations. Although Estonia has fewer inhabitants than Warsaw, it is a technologically advanced country which, in addition, may serve as a gateway to Scandinavian markets for Poles. This should encourage domestic companies to take an interest in the local market. Poland, in turn, has a large and absorbent market to offer Estonians and access to qualified specialists.

According to KUKE, Estonia’s GDP is $ 30.3 billion against PLN 2.2 trillion (USD 580 billion) in Poland. The average Pole : $33,221. (data for 2019 according to the CIA Factbook) against $ 36,927 in Estonia. Poland, as a relatively large market, is attractive to Estonians due to its size.

The data cited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that Poland is in the top ten of Estonia’s trade partners – seventh in imports and tenth in exports. Last year, the value of Polish exports amounted to over EUR 1.2 billion, and the value of imports from Estonia – EUR 259 million. We mainly export and import machinery and mechanical and electrical equipment and their parts. Subsequent export positions include base metals and articles thereof, vehicles, planes, ships and other means of transport, while imports include wood and wooden articles, as well as pearls, stones and precious metals.

Polish companies are also attracted to Estonia by the most digitized bureaucratic infrastructure in the European Union, and maybe even in the world. In 2020, this country was ranked 18th among 190 countries in the World Bank’s ranking of the ease of doing business. Poland is in the 40th position in this ranking.

New technologies are one of the promising areas of cooperation between Poland and Estonia. Another is climate change and green transformation. Presidents Andrzej Duda and Kersti Kaljulaid will take part in the debate on this subject during the visit of the president to Poland.

According to the expert of the Polish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the flourishing of bilateral relations is not only due to meetings at the highest level, but also to the efforts of employees of both embassies and the entrepreneurs themselves.


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