70 million pln deal for Polish satellites for Polish army

Creotech Instruments in cooperation with the Military University of Technology (MUT) began building a constellation of three satellites, the company said. It will be the first commercial implementation of the HyperSat satellite platform developed by the company.

The cooperation is carried out under the Polish ImAging SaTellites (PIAST) project, which is part of the plan to develop a national satellite Earth observation system for the Polish army. PIAST, in turn, is a project carried out under the Szafir program. Its task is to better use the potential of cooperation between scientific units and private entrepreneurs in the field of development of modern solutions of key importance for state security and defense.

“As part of the PIAST project, we will build and deliver three satellite platforms fully based on our proprietary HyperSat standard. (…) We are proud that Creotech Instruments is part of such a prestigious project, the final recipient of which will be the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Poland. The success of this initiative will strengthen our position and enable further expansion in the global space market” – said the president of Creotech Instruments Grzegorz Brona, quoted in the announcement.

The value of the entire PIAST project exceeds PLN 70 million, and the part implemented by Creotech Instruments is about 40 percent. The implementation of the project will take approx. 48 months.


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