Polish Open Fiber plans to invest up to PLN 8 billion in the development of the national FTTH network

Polish Open Fiber Optic (PŚO) plans to invest up to PLN 8 billion over the next 5 years in the development of a fiber optic network throughout the country, announced the president Ignacio Irurita.

“We are planning large-scale investments to exploit the potential of optical fibre. As part of the nearly 5-year plan, we want to allocate up to PLN 8 billion for the construction of the FTTH network, covering a total of 6 million households. As part of the roll out, we are particularly interested in new locations (both in large cities and beyond). We will rather avoid locations where other operators already have access. The investment program also includes the upgrade of the existing network and maintenance. The huge scale of the investment will significantly contribute to the development of Polish regions, cities and the industry itself,” said Irurita during a press conference.

The PŚO starts commercial operations tomorrow in an open model.

“We are developing the wholesale market in the open access model, offering all operators non-discriminatory access to our network, where they can provide services to end subscribers. We are willing to cooperate with other operators. The interest is high and I hope that the first effects will appear in more than a quarter of a year’, the president assessed.

At the beginning, PŚO has an open broadband network reaching over 3.7 million households in Poland. Access to it will be offered only in the wholesale model. Thanks to the company’s intensive investments in the development of fiber optic infrastructure, by 2028 PŚO plans to build 2 million new lines to ultimately cover over 6 million households.


Polish Open Fiber sp. z o.o. (PŚO) – the largest wholesale-only operator offering all retail operators open, non-discriminatory access to the broadband network in Poland. At the time of launch, it covers 3.7 million households. By 2028, it plans to build 2 million new lines to ultimately cover over 6 million households. The process of expanding and modernizing the network is carried out using the latest technology in the XGS-PON standard. Thanks to it, operators using the PŚO network will be able to offer the sale of FTTH Internet services with a speed of up to 5 Gbit/s. The shareholders of Polish Open Fiber are InfraVia Capital Partners – a private equity company specializing in infrastructure and technology investments, and Play Group – a leading telecommunications operator in Poland, a provider of convergent fixed-line internet, digital television and mobile services.


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