Polish officials stonewalling FINOLA over “too-powerful” hemp seeds

The producer of FINOLA cultivation seeds is fighting back against a decision that would eliminate subsidies to farmers who cultivate the popular hemp variety in Poland.

Meanwhile, Polish agencies which have been authorized by the European Commission to block the farm supports appear to be backing off while stonewalling FINOLA’s attempts to obtain documentation underlying THC tests at the heart of the situation.

Poland’s Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARiMR) issued a statement in March declaring that supports for Polish farmers planting FINOLA this year would be blocked because the variety was found to be above the European limit of 0.2% THC in tests over the past two years.

PAFF issued a decision in late July authorizing Poland to prohibit the marketing of the hemp variety under a 2002 directive, “without a critical review of the evidence,” according to FINOLA.

FINOLA – and Polish farmers experienced in growing FINOLA – say THC tests carried out by ARiMR were flawed and poorly timed for the variety, which is fast-flowering comparing to other types of hemp.

Freedom of Information requests filed by FINOLA to obtain the documentation have been met with an inadequate response, said Jace Callaway, founder of FINOLA, and developer of the variety. “Still, they will not provide even half a page of info with sowing dates to prove that they took the samples at the correct time,” Callaway told HempToday.

Callaway said the company’s request for a judicial review in Poland has been accepted. If FINOLA cannot get satisfaction in Polish courts, it will appeal to the European Union Court of Justice, he added. The company has already filed a complaint with the European Commission, Callaway said.


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