Polish mobile payment system Blik to be implemented in UAE

The Polish Payment Standard, in cooperation with DXC Technology, will implement the mobile payment system Blik in the United Arab Emirates, reports Telepolis.pl. The implementation is the result of an open tender process won by DXC Technology in the UAE.

To use the Blik platform, an ID card and a bank account are required. In the first quarter, each Pole carried out a Blik transaction at least once.

According to Lukasz Buczko, a board member of DXC Technology Poland, its client in the UAE wants to use this system to handle payments for public services. The condition for using the platform will be to have an ID card and bank account in the Emirates. The system will be launched after implementation of the card and non-card payment platform and the inclusion of all platform members – publishers, settlement agents, and points selling related services. Launch is planned for 2020.

Customers will get the new service as part of a banking application or as a separate application.

Dariusz Mazurkiewicz, president of the Polish Payment Standard which operates Blik, attributes its growing popularity mainly to its convenience and security, as well as the possibilities of further development of Blik, which are appreciated and noticed not only in Poland. Thanks to the fact that the system has been tested and gained recognition among customers in Poland, it can be successfully presented in other countries where modern mobile payment systems are created. As a result, the export of Polish technology abroad was a matter of time, he said.

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