3 Polish medtechs on way to conquer the world

Polish medical startups are doing better and better on foreign markets, and several of them have a good chance of becoming leaders in their fields on a larger scale. Here are some medtech startups from Poland that consistently expand internationally.


DocPlanner is one of the most famous Polish medical startups, the owner of the ZnanyLekarz platform, used for arranging medical appointments via the Internet. During the pandemic, the company introduced a new service: online consultation.

In 2019, the group obtained EUR 80 million from investors for development (in addition to the 130 million euro raised earlier). In addition to ZnanyLekarza, the group includes the following platforms: Doctoralia, MioDottore, DoktorTakvimi, ZnamyLekar, TuoTempo, Gipo and ClinicCloud.

In total, the group’s websites are visited by over 30 million patients a month. The company estimates that by the end of 2022 it will exceed the number of 5 million monthly appointments. The group was founded in 2012 in Poland, and today employs over 1,300 people and has several offices scattered around the world. Its founder and CEO is Mariusz Gralewski, co-creator of the once popular website for professionals GoldenLine.


The startup Infermedica from Wrocław, led by CEO Piotr Orzechowski, has been developing a tool for initial medical diagnosis using machine learning for almost nine years.

The startup operates in the b2b model, and its clients are mainly medical insurance companies, telemedicine platforms, hospitals and entire health care systems. The company has customers in 30 countries around the world and its products are available in 18 languages. Currently, the startup has three main products: symptom Checker – an application that allows you to quickly check and analyze patient symptoms, which suggests the most likely causes, and the service also works in the form of a chatbot and voice assistant; call Center Triage – a tool that helps doctors and consultants to make an initial diagnosis of patients and determine the seriousness of their situation; Infermedica API – allows companies to integrate the Infermedica engine and database in their applications, websites and telemedicine systems.

In August 2020, Infermedica raised over $ 10 million for development. In turn, in May last year, the company announced a partnership with one of the largest technology companies in the world – Microsoft. The funds obtained in 2020 are to be allocated by Infermedica to the development of services in the USA and Germany.


StethoMe has developed a wireless stethoscope consisting only of the head – that is, the part applied to the body. There is no wire cord and so-called lyre, but it has a display on which messages appear.

A modern stethoscope records and pre-interprets the sounds it hears, and the data obtained from the examination is sent to the doctor via a mobile application. As the company from Poznań assures – thanks to specialized algorithms, its electronic stethoscope will immediately inform about the appearance of incorrect sounds.

The device allows not only for a quick, home diagnosis when disturbing symptoms appear, but also for example for monitoring chronic diseases such as asthma or monitoring the progress of treatment.

In the summer of 2020, StethoMe raised $ 2.5 million from investors for development, he wants to allocate these funds to development on European markets. The startup’s products and services are now available in Poland, France and Spain. The investors include Sebastian Kulczyk’s Manta Ray fund and the Polish-Israeli TDJ Pitango Ventures


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