Warsaw bourse builds on Gaming listings

The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) is a leader when it comes to listed gaming companies, President Marek Dietl told Bloomberg television on Friday on the 30th anniversary of WSE.

“We have over 60 gaming companies listed on our venue, more than Tokyo or Seoul, so we’re a clear market leader in terms of the number of gaming companies listed,” Dietl said.

According to Bloomberg, WSE trades 56.1 percent of the gaming market.

“The WSE has also developed a fund-raising platform for game titles rather than studios or developers,” Dietl continued. “There’s really great interest from investors to invest in a particular video game, not in a studio as a whole,” he added.

Dietl also told Bloomberg that the WSE has seen an increased interest in trading from individual investors.

Explaining the rise, Dietl said that “it seems that during the pandemic people have more money and more to spend on the exchange and also more time to trade.”

According to him, individual investors are most interested in the gaming industry and biotech companies, but often they are also intraday traders.

Only five companies were listed on the WSE in April 1991, when it was launched, and that compares to more than 400 on the main market today. The WSE joined a group of developed markets in 2018, just 27 years after it started its operation.


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