Polish IT supplier APN Promise plans to enter leasing

Polish IT supplier group APN Promise has set out plans to enter the leasing and rental markets.

The company will propose its shareholders to expand activities to the leasing of office machinery and equipment, as well as passenger cars and vans.

The group supplies IT products, both hardware and software, to large and medium-sized corporations, the public administration sector, educational institutions and healthcare providers.

It is a vendor for HP, Dell, Microsoft and Cisco among others. The company was set up in 1991, and floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2013.

A number of international lessors operate an IT leasing offer in Poland, including BNP Paribas, Societe Generale Equipment Finance, DLL and Grenke.

The country’s leasing market has seen five years of consecutive growth, partly propelled by a flow of EU funds to the country, and enabled by the Polish Leasing Association’s push for lease-friendly regulation.

According to data from the association, new business volume for 2017 was up 15.7% to €16bn, forecast to rise to €18.4bn by 2018, making Poland the seventh-largest market for leasing in Europe.

The EU’s annual Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises found that 60% of SMEs in the country considered leasing the most important source of investment for expansion.

Although IT only constitutes 1% of the country’s leasing market, industry executives highlighted soft assets as one of the main drivers of future growth.

Source: www.verdict.co.uk

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