Polish Investment and Trade Agency opens new Taipei Office

The Taipei Office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PITA) officially opened on Sept. 11, as the Polish government strives to foster greater economic ties with both Taiwan and the world.

The Taipei Office will help Polish exporters and investors find and carry out new business opportunities in Taiwan, and also help Taiwanese exporters and investors do the same in Poland.

PITA is a government organization in a hurry, and has set up dozens of trade offices in recent years. Poland is looking abroad for economic partners to further its economic development.

Recent months have seen increased cooperation between Poland and Taiwan, after business-to-business talks were held between Polish and Taiwanese firms in Warsaw in Oct. 2017.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by Executive Vice President of PITA Wojciech Fedko, Director General of International Cooperation of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs Cynthia Kiang (江文若), and Undersecretary of State for Poland’s Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology Tadeusz Koscinski.

The Polish government has outlined 15 industries for strategic cooperation, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, electronics, and IT. Many of these industries have natural alignment with Taiwan’s talents, and business opportunities abound.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, Poland is Taiwan’s 10th largest trading partner in Europe, and there are clear opportunities for greater trade linkages.

Greater economic ties to Poland could be of great benefit to Taiwan, as top tier consulting firm McKinsey & Company once described Poland as the “Europe’s new growth engine.”

Earlier in the day, the Polish and Taiwanese governments signed a memorandum of understanding on bilateral investment promotion on the sidelines of the 8thPolish-Taiwanese Investment Forum. During the forum, potential opportunities were expressed by government agencies, trade organizations, and businesses.

Source: taiwannews.com.tw

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