Polish debut of the Lithuanian giant Eskimi – searching for employees.

Eskimi is an innovative automated advertising platform with over 1.5 billion reach. The company is already present in 50 countries and has ambitious plans for development in Poland. The Lithuanian programmatic campaign leader is looking for creative people to strengthen the Polish team.

Eskimi was established in 2015 on the initiative of experienced specialists, whose goal was to create the best tool for optimizing a programmatic campaign – one of the most effective forms of online advertising.
In a short time, the company became a leader in 25 countries, adding to the customer portfolio of such market giants as Coca Cola, Audi, Samsung or McDonald’s.
The company combines automation, big data, research and digital media into a powerful, automated platform through which it is possible to create ideal target groups and effectively reach them.
There is no charge for using the Eskimi platform. Reports, data that customers can use for their target audience, and ongoing customer support are free.

The company is currently recruiting for the Polish branch and other markets, as well as for positions on a global scale.
Eskimi also remains flexible when it comes to recruiting, offering candidates the opportunity to work remotely in the areas and countries where they feel best. Eskimi is looking for open, ambitious employees who are not afraid of challenges and constantly want to improve the quality of online campaigns on the market.

Programmatic is a modern and automated method of buying and selling online advertising space.
In the previously commonly used model of purchasing online advertising in the form of a display, an advertiser who wanted to purchase a given space – e.g. advertising banners on websites, had to contact the publisher directly. In the programmatic model, automation plays the main role, the human factor is replaced by platforms.


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