“Virtual body” to be built by VR gaming company

Incuvo, a NewConnect-listed company specializing in the production of games dedicated to virtual reality (VR), obtained PLN 3.9 million in funding from the NCBiR program. The project concerns research on the transfer of the human body to virtual reality, the total value of the concept is PLN 6.5 million. The company is currently working on its largest title, Green Hell VR with a budget of over PLN 2 million, the title will go on sale in the first quarter of 2022.

Co-financing applies to the project entitled “Man in virtual reality – development of technology supporting the transformation and adaptation of new and existing games to the possibilities of virtual reality.” – We want to achieve several goals in the implemented project. The first will be the module for transposing the body into VR reality, and while human hands are now the main element in VR, we want to expand this area. The second element will be technology for reading the emotional state of the player based on his micromovements, thanks to which the game will be able to “communicate” with the player in a natural way – adds Andrzej Wychowaniec.


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