Top 200 Polish exporters distinguished

On May 31, the “Wprost” weekly announced the winners of the “Polish Ambassadors 2021” ranking, ie companies that can boast the highest level of export revenues, with CD Projekt taking the first position.

The announcement of the results of the ranking in the “Polish Ambassadors 2021” category was part of the “List of 200 largest Polish enterprises” of the “Wprost” weekly. As every year, the “Wprost” weekly awards the largest Polish companies, including the largest exporters and companies that develop most dynamically. This year’s seventh ranking of “Polish Ambassadors” was special because it summarized the results of companies obtained in difficult pandemic realities. Were they worse than before? It turns out not.

  • Export was one of the few positive aspects when it comes to Polish business. It can be said that the Polish economy is exporting, because despite the fact that our borders were closed and employees were sent to quarantine, the growth is impressive. We are already sending goods worth one trillion zlotys abroad. And looking at the data from the first quarter of this year, it can be seen that the record may soon be broken, as export revenues have already reached PLN 300 billion, which is a historic result. This is an increase of 8 percent compared to the first quarter of 2020 – said Szymon Krawiec, head of the business department of the weekly “Wprost” and the author of the ranking during the gala. As he added, there was no such thing in the Third Republic of Poland, and nothing better advertises our country than our entrepreneurs who show our products and services abroad.

Games and chairs in Qatar
The winners of the “Polish Ambassadors 2021” ranking were announced by Robert Feluś, editor-in-chief of the weekly “Wprost”. The first place was taken by CD Projekt – a world-famous producer of computer games, creator of, among others the legendary saga of The Witcher, which has won all the most prestigious awards in the gaming world.

  • “The Witcher” has sold tens of millions of copies and is our export pride, because it is discussed in Japan, in the States, and is played on all continents. Great hopes were also attached to “Cyberpunk 2077”, which, admittedly, met with weaker reviews, but still sold over 15 million. And the whole world is talking about him – presented the laureate of “Polish Ambassadors” by editor Krawiec.

And Piotr Nielubowicz, vice-president Finance of the management board, added: – We have worked hard for CD Projekt to be where it is today. In 2020, over 96 percent. we generated revenues abroad. Last year was an extremely intense period for us, culminating in the premiere of “Cyberpunk 2077”. This is the most complex project we have ever created. Our exports are a unique blend of culture, entertainment, art and complex programming solutions. We want our brands to constantly create global pop culture, and our productions reach the hearts of millions of people around the world – said Nielubowicz.

The second place was taken by Nowy Styl, which has not left the top three in the ranking for years. It is a furniture giant from south-eastern Poland, which focused on a niche – it produces office furniture and equipment for buildings of various utility, e.g. sports. It was on her seats that the fans sat during Euro 2012 at the National Stadium. It is on the seats of Nowy Styl Group that Qatar fans will watch matches.

  • Second place is a very good starting position to get to first. Nowy Styl is a company that was established 29 years ago and at that time has become one of the largest companies in its industry in Europe. We sell over 90 percent production outside Poland. Everywhere under its own brand name – said Jerzy Krzanowski, president and co-owner of Nowy Styl Group.

Polish Microsoft
The third place went to Asseco Poland, which for decades has been realizing the dream of Adam Góral, one of the richest Poles, about Polish Microsoft. The company is a regular and the main hero of the ranking of “Polish Ambassadors” and brings together a lot of competitive companies – be it from Europe or other regions of the world. Marek Panek, Vice President of the Management Board of Asseco Poland, spoke on her behalf.

  • This year Asseco celebrates its 30th birthday. If, when we started our business, someone said that we would be among the largest Polish exporters, we would not believe it. We had our dreams and ambitions, but they didn’t go that far. Today we are one of the largest software companies in Europe and we want to develop further. We operate in over 60 countries, we employ 28,000 people. Last year, our revenues exceeded PLN 12 billion. But what is very important in the context of the aforementioned ranking is the fact that over 90 percent revenues come from foreign markets – he said.


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