MEETING15 aims for piece of online meetings industry

Currently organized conferences require a new level of service. Innovative tools are becoming a standard in the event industry. The response to the expectations of conference participants is the Polish platform for the implementation of online events MEETING15, which is a tool that stands out from the competition, appreciated both on the Polish and foreign market. The company is not slowing down and has announced the implementation of 1,000 events by the end of this year. We are dealing with an extraordinary success of a technological tool created by Poles on a global scale.

MEETING15 is an Internet service in the Software as a Service model, established in 2016. Currently, it is the most common tool used to organize complex hybrid conferences in Poland. In the previous year, over 360 such events were organized on the platform, and by the end of this year, MEETING15 plans to conduct as many as 1000 of them. The company is a huge success of 150,000. registered users from all over the world on the platform. The innovative tool is of great interest not only in our country, but also abroad. Importantly, the expansion of MEETING15 is not limited to Europe. After success in Poland and on the Old Continent, the company decided to set up a company in Tokyo, which is responsible for activities carried out on the Asian market and in the Asia-Pacific region. It is worth emphasizing that it is one of the few Polish companies from the technology industry that has invested in Japan.

“The MEETING15 platform is used not only by the world’s largest companies or state and international institutions, but also by local companies. Offers are tailored for each event organizer and tailored to the possibilities and expectations. Virtually all industries can benefit from MEETING15. The platform has already been appreciated by many private companies and listed companies, foundations, chambers, associations and institutions. (…)” – says Paweł Jabłoński, President of MEETING15.


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