Ampere Life developing hydrogen-powered car

The use of hydrogen in transport is still marginal. However, the first passenger train powered by this fuel is already on the market. There are also passenger cars developed by the largest concerns, although their sales still do not exceed several thousand units. However, hydrogen is known as the future of transport and automotive. The Polish company Ampere Life is also working on the development of a vehicle powered by this fuel, and its prototype will be on display next year. At the same time, the company developed an automated method of refueling this car.

“The market still has to invent something new to attract the customer’s interest. We have many automotive companies, each offering the same. So the question arises, what new can we give from ourselves. We have the example of Izera, who presented her car less than a year ago, and which will be built in four years. The question is whether this car will really be innovative then, or will it be a thing of the past” says Michał Jędrzejewski, the founder of Ampere Life.

The Polish company Ampere Life is among the companies that are developing the hydrogen-powered car project. As its founder announces, the prototype is to be ready next year. However, starting mass production is a matter of another four or five years.

“We are at the stage where we have designed the first look, i.e. what our car will look like. It will be a fairly large SUV. We also have a plan for the entire system, how it will work, i.e. where the tanks and engine will be located” – lists Michał Jędrzejewski. “We developed the entire method of refueling this car at once. Today we refuel hydrogen cars using the pressure method, we have developed an automated method. The user will not have to get out of his car at all, and thanks to our solution, the energy efficiency of hydrogen will increase by up to 10 percent. This means that we will have a further travel range than the current hydrogen cars.”

As he emphasizes, such a car can ultimately become a mini-power generator that can be used by the user, for example, in a summer cottage.


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