Poland’s southern economic zone attracts 11 projects this year

The south-Polish Katowice Special Economic Zone has already attracted 11 new projects this year whose total value is PLN 500 mln (EUR 117 mln), according to the zone’s CEO, Janusz Michalek.

Last year, the special economic zone attracted 53 new investments worth PLN 3.5 bln (EUR 0.82 bln) in total.

SK Innovation, a South Korean battery producer, was the zone’s biggest investor last year, with the declared investment value exceeding PLN 1 bln (EUR 235 mln).

The biggest of this year’s investments, worth close to PLN 200 mln (EUR 47 mln), has been carried out by global window maker Eko-Okna.

The zone has also managed to attract domestic capital investments, Michalek said.

“We’ve been working on six-to-seven subsequent projects, not only from Poland. I believe that we’ll be able to boast yet another success story soon, as one of them is really interesting,” the CEO said.

Last year, investors declared to create at least 1,500 jobs while maintaining more than 4,700.

In 2018, the zone gained 51 new projects worth PLN 2.5 bln (EUR 0.59 bln) in total.

The zone has been successful in attracting Polish small and medium-sized companies, with 58.5 percent of all investments in the zone having been carried out by such firms in 2019.

Two-thirds of last year’s projects have been run by Polish companies which have declared to invest close to PLN 500 mln (EUR 117 mln), employing 240 workers and maintaining 1,800 employees already working for them.

Some 400 companies are operating in the zone in total. They have invested PLN 36 bln (EUR 8.46 bln) so far and created 80,000 jobs. FDI Business Financial Times named the Katowice Special Economic Zone as Europe’s best economic zone in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and as the best in Europe and second best in the world in 2019.

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