Lithuanian iDenfy partners with Profi Credit for ID verification tech

iDenfy, an identity verification company, partners with a Poland-based company, PROFI CREDIT, to provide its services.

iDenfy is a Lithuania-based company providing the services of identity verification for over 200 companies worldwide. It recognizes 1500+ different documents from 200+ countries and extracts relevant identity information in a fraction of a second. PROFI CREDIT operates in a non-banking financial sector in Poland and was founded in 2004 as part of the Profireal Group worldwide financial division.

Due to their services being provided online at an increasing rate, PROFI CREDIT became interested in a reliable identity verification method. iDenfy answered the call, and the companies quickly found common ground to stand on.

The COVID-19 lockdowns proved a challenge for most institutions relying on conventional methods to serve their clients. Financial companies were no exception, including PROFI CREDIT.

“It was crucial for a safe and reliable ID verification system to become a part of our company. Not only does it act as a security measure for us in fighting fraud, but it also creates a safer and more trustworthy environment for our clients. We believe it may encourage other clients to seek more comfortable, remote services too. iDenfy appeared to be the most appropriate company to suit our needs, and we look forward to this partnership,” said Czulak Jarosław, Group Chief Marketing Officer of PROFI CREDIT.


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