Poland’s PGNiG says NS2 certification process suspension good sign for Europe

The suspension of the Nord Stream 2 certification process is a good sign for Poland and Europe, Polish gas company PGNiG said on Twitter, adding that EU law and the principle of energy solidarity should be scrupulously observed.

German’s energy regulator suspended the certification process for the controversial gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea saying the Swiss-based consortium behind it is required to form a company under German law.

Poland, which has taken steps to reduce its reliance on Russian gas supplies, has on many occasions expressed its objections to Nord Stream 2, saying it will further strengthen Gazprom’s GAZP.MM dominant position in the region.

PGNiG’s chief executive said it was not possible from a legal perspective to certify a subsidiary of Nord Stream 2 AG as an independent operator of the pipeline or to establish an operator applying EU law only in the territorial waters of Germany.

“In the next stages of the proceedings, we will aim at the regulatory authorities taking into account the principle of energy solidarity and the requirements of EU law,” said Pawel Majewski.


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