Poland’s PGNiG does not expect to be ‘forced’ to buy Russian gas after 2022

Polish gas company PGNiG does not expect it will have to buy Russian gas after its long-term contract with Gazprom (GAZP.MM) expires in 2022, but does not exclude spot purchases, the company’s chief executive Pawel Majewski told Reuters.

Poland has taken steps to reduce its reliance on Russian gas supplies by buying LNG from Qatar, the United States and elsewhere. PGNiG has on many occasions said it will not extend its current contract with Russia’s Gazprom when it expires in 2022.

“We assume that after 2022 we will not be forced to buy gas from Gazprom. This is our strategy. That is why we are diversifying gas supplies to Poland – to ensure energy security,” Majewski said. “Of course, spot purchases from Gazprom in the future cannot be ruled out,” he added.


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