Poland’s Instagram Influencer ‘@martirenti’ sells ‘Love’ as NFT for $250,000

A Poland Instagram Influencer known as “@martirenti,” has successfully sold her “love” as an NFT for $250,000, and surprisingly, an anonymous buyer has purchased it online. It was said that the buyer has been given a chance to go on a date with the Polish influencer, but it was not revealed by the influencer who this lucky guy is.

There have been a lot of standard and odd applications for NFTs, which have evolved from digital art to digital music rights, and now, digital games. There have been top-performing NFTs in the past weeks, and they centered on games like Axie Infinity and other related apps.

Marta Rentel is a Polish online personality, with her Instagram handle known as @martirenti. Currently, Rentel has more than 654,000 followers and is a known personality in Poland. According to Insider’s report, a non-fungible token or NFT has been sold for $250,000 or one million zlotys, and it offers the buyer “love” from a Polish Instagram influencer. This was the first time an NFT of “love” or human emotion is sold. Traditionally, it would be a digital art, which qualifies an NFT to be a token for selling.


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