EU pushes “clean-water” projects on Poland

The EU directive on the quality of drinking water obliges Poland to plan the investments required to improve water safety.

Poland has to meet the obligations resulting from the EU directive, which is why the Ministry of Infrastructure implements the project “Investment program in the scope of quality improvement and reduction of losses of water intended for human consumption”. Its purpose is to identify priority areas and key investments required to improve water safety.

The program is implemented mainly by the Arcadis company. It started at the end of October 2020 and will end in May this year. A survey has already been carried out among water and sewage companies, municipalities, authorities, offices, supervisory and regulatory institutions, owners or administrators of large priority facilities and food companies, specialists, water supply experts and consumers, and the next step is to analyze the collected data.

The EU directive is to introduce the so-called risk management in terms of access to good quality water in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. To manage this risk, you need to know where it comes from, what the problems are, where they arise and what you need to do to avoid them in the future.

The new EU rules are a response to the Right2Water citizens’ initiative to improve access for all citizens to safe drinking water. 1.8 million signatures were collected as part of the campaign and it is the first European Citizens’ Initiative to become law. In practice, Member States are to ensure free access to drinking water in public buildings. Restaurant and canteen customers should receive drinking water for free or for a low fee. This is especially true of people in a difficult life situation, i.e. refugees, nomadic communities, the homeless and minority groups.


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