Poland poised for strong post-pandemic investment recovery.

Last year saw only a temporary slowdown in foreign investments. South Korea and the United States were the leaders in FDI to Poland in 2020. And the largest number of projects were focused on business services (44), electromobility (18), the automotive industry and R&D (15 each).

In 2020, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency handled almost 200 investment projects, the value of which was 10 percent higher than in 2019. “New circumstances have emerged that are conducive to investments, because the time has come to reorganize the business and shorten the supply chains. This had a very positive impact on the investment attractiveness of Poland”, says Monika Grzelak from the PAIH Investment Center. However, investors are concerned about access to human resources in the long term.

In a pandemic year, PAIH handled nearly 200 foreign investments, the total value of which reached over EUR 8.5 billion. In terms of the value of investments, South Korea and the United States were the leaders. In turn, the largest number of projects concerned the sectors of modern business services (44), electromobility (18) and the automotive industry and R&D (15 each).

Last year brought a global regression in foreign direct investment. UNCTAD data show that due to the pandemic, global FDI flows have almost halved, and the forecast rebound is not expected until next year. In Poland, as estimated by the NBP, the declines were several times smaller. The value of direct investment transactions in Poland was 6 percent lower y / y (PLN 39.3 billion). This decrease was mainly influenced by a 23 percent lower reinvestments of profits of entities operating in Poland. According to the central bank, the inflow of investments in the form of equity shares amounted to PLN 10.7 billion, which means an increase by PLN 6.6 billion compared to 2019.

According to fDi Markets data, Poland is the third most attractive location for foreign investments in the world. In February this year. 30 projects worth $ 1.2 billion were announced. In the international ranking, Poland was surpassed only by the USA and Spain.

The “Business Environment Assessment Study” report prepared by Antal in cooperation with from PAIH indicates that Poland is also distinguished by relatively low labor costs, which attracts investors. A huge plus is also the availability of office space and its quality.


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