Poland, Uzbekistan to implement joint projects in agricultural sector

The delegation of Uzbek Ministry of Agriculture visited Poland in order to expand contacts and strengthen partnerships with Polish colleagues in similar departments and companies specializing in the agricultural and investment spheres, Trend reports via Uzbek media.

During the meeting with Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Poland Szymon Giżyński, the Polish side expressed support and readiness to assist in the development of Uzbek agrarian sector.

The growing interest of Polish companies to participate in the implementation of joint agricultural projects with the introduction of best practices and modern technologies, in particular, in the areas of advanced processing of agricultural products and the production of finished food products, production of seed potatoes, meat and dairy products, implementation of projects for the introduction of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient technology in agriculture.

Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on creating a joint working group to develop a strategy for future cooperation in the agricultural sector.

At the meeting with general director of the Polish National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) Mr. Piotr Serafin, the possibilities of participation Polish agricultural sector’s large companies in the implementation of investment projects in Uzbekistan were discussed.

During the negotiations in the reputable bank of Poland BGK (People’s Economic Bank) a thorough exchange of views took place on the issue of cooperation in the development of the agrarian sector. BGK management has proposed to consider the possibility of providing a loan for Uzbek National Bank in the amount of up to 100 million euros for the development of animal husbandry in the country.

Meetings were held with representatives of ten Polish Companies specializing in livestock, poultry, potato, intensive horticulture, fruit and vegetable exports, agricultural engineering and drip irrigation. The specific conditions and parameters for the implementation of joint projects in Uzbekistan in 2019 were discussed with them.

The Center for seed production and potato protection in Poland (creation of a cluster for the production of seed potatoes using the inviro method in Kitab district), Milex (construction of a plant in the Guzar region for the production of equipment for drip irrigation based on Israeli technologies), Sky Bone, Contractus and Global Business Promotion Group (construction of consolidated centers for cattle from Poland of meat and dairy breeds, as well as artificial insemination laboratories and compound feed plants in Kashkadarya, Namangan and Syrdarya regions) are among them.

Moreover, the companies Igloszron (construction of poultry farms for the production of chicken and turkey meat and their processing in a closed cycle), PKB (construction of facilities for the disposal of post-slaughter waste at large slaughterhouses and poultry farms), Arno (creation of intensive gardens), Ursus (localization production in Uzbekistan of tractors of various capacities for agriculture) and the logistics center Bronisze were at the meeting.

Uzbek delegation also visited a number of Polish enterprises and departments, where they were able to familiarize themselves with their activities, potential and production capacities. The issues about establishing close cooperation, as well as organizing reciprocal visits to Uzbekistan were discussed.

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