Poland to showcase at Dubai’s Expo 2020

Poland at the Expo in Dubai will present not only the largest Polish companies with well-established brands, but also entrepreneurs from the SME sector, said Tomasz Pisula, head of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

Pisula, who is also the Commissioner General of the Polish Section of the World Exhibition Expo 2020 added that Poland will be shown as a country that has developed technologically and economically.

The head of PAIH emphasised that the agency wants to present Polish companies as partners for entrepreneurs from the Emirates market, the entire region, and even the world.”

“We also want to show that we are an interesting place to invest, a country that exports top quality goods which we want to sell in the Middle East,” he emphasised.

Pisula said that the design of the national pavilion refers to the theme of the Expo 2020: mobility and sustainable development. He pointed out that its modular design will be a showcase for Polish wooden products that are sold on markets around the world.

“We would like, however, to show the Polish yacht industry because it sells its products very well in the UAE, as well as Poland’s aviation industry, noting that the pavilion itself looks like a flock of birds rising to flight, the head of PAIH announced.

According to him, among the companies that will present themselves at the Expo in Dubai will be “nationally well-established companies with recognised international brands and high turnovers”, but also entrepreneurs from the SME sector. “We have a lot of small and medium-sized companies that have previously exported mainly to the European Union, and maybe it’s time for them to look at non-EU markets,” he said. He explained that this group comprises of a wide range of enterprises from food producers to fintechs.

The Expo in Dubai will be held from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021. The organisers expect the exhibition to be visited by about 25 million people from 200 countries. “About 40 percent of visitors will come from the region, from the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring countries, and about 20 percent from India,” Pisula said.

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