Poland to invest in hydrogen valleys, development agency says

Under Poland’s National Reconstruction Plan, funds allocated to projects contributing to the development of hydrogen technologies will reach EUR 800 million (USD 947.4 million).

The Industrial Development Agency (ARP) participates in the establishment of five hydrogen valleys, which are to be built in Poland by 2030. “We are in the midst of an energy revolution,” Paweł Kolczyński, vice president of the ARP board, said in an interview by PAP.

According to the vice president, future Polish hydrogen hubs are: Dolnośląska Dolina Wodorowa, Podkarpacka DW, Wielkopolska DW, Mazowiecka DW and the Silesian Hydrogen Basin. The first letter of intent (LoI), signed by ARP, on the establishment of the Podkarpacka Hydrogen Valley in Rzeszów, was signed on May 18 this year.

According to Kolczyński, hydrogen valleys are an opportunity for the development of Polish industry, cooperating companies, and resear ch and development centers. “We are interested in investments in the development of innovative energy generation technologies.


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