Poland to invest 49 bln USD in 7 years on military upgrade

Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak on Thursday signed a plan to modernize the Polish army until 2026, which includes investments of 185 billion Polish zloty (49 billion U.S. dollars).

Much of the modernization efforts would be aimed at strengthening the eastern flank of the Polish army, which would also translate into a significant beefing up of NATO’s eastern flank, Blaszczak told a press conference.

Blaszczak said that he had already appointed a fourth army division to operate on the country’s eastern front.

The minister said one priority of the modernization effort would be building a Polish anti-aircraft system.

“The idea is to integrate short-range missiles produced in Poland with the medium-range Patriot missiles already purchased,” Blaszczak said.

Another priority would be purchasing 32 multi-role aircraft of the fifth generation, to replace older, failing equipment.

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