Poland to introduce minimum tax rate for large corporations

Poland’s finance ministry plans to introduce a minimum tax rate for large corporations to compensate for lower healthcare contributions from the self-employed within its flagship “Polish Deal” economic programme, it said on Wednesday.

Poland announced plans in May for non tax-deductible health contributions of 9%, but Deputy Finance Minister Jan Sarnowski said on Wednesday that rate would be lowered to 4.9% for the self-employed after criticism that it would hurt small businesses.

The tax on large corporations designed to cover this shortfall would amount to 0.4% of the company’s revenues, plus 10% of expenses used for tax optimisation purposes, he said.

“The tax changes will reduce the revenues of the National Health Fund (NFZ) by 4.5 billion zlotys. The loss will have to be covered from the state budget,” Sarnowski said during the press conference.


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