Poland to double energy production from renewable sources by 2030

President Andrzej Duda has stated that Poland will double the production of energy from renewable sources by 2030, but admitted that this is a huge challenge.

“Energy transition is a huge technological and financial challenge to Poland,” Duda told a high-level UN debate on energy in New York on Friday.

He added that the energy policy adopted by Poland this year and covering the period till 2040, “has outlined a clear vision and laid down a path leading to climate neutrality.”

“By 2030 we intend to produce one third of electricity from renewable sources, with 23 to 25 gigawatts of installed capacity in renewable electricity generation. That would double the amount compared to 2020”.

“Wind farms in the Baltic Sea will play a significant role in this plan,” Duda said, stating that Poland was interested in competitive renewable and nuclear energy know-how, and that natural gas was “a transitional fuel.”


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