Poland tests new railway route to China via Azerbaijan

Polish PKP PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa (PKP LHS) company has started testing a new route to China, which will run through the territory of Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, the Center for Transport Strategies announced.

A test container has been sent to China from Euroterminal in Sławków, owned by PKP LHS. On the way to China, it will pass along the Trans-Caspian route, that is, through the territories of Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

“We are launching a route that is shorter than the sea route and much cheaper than air transport. It meets the needs of freight forwarders and operators who want to avoid the long sea transport, queuing for loading in the Asian ports, to effectively cross the border with the European Union and to ensure the delivery of goods just-in-time”, said the Director of the PKP LHS Zbigniew Tracichleb.

The launch of the trial container was organized with the assistance of the Austrian Far East Land Bridge Company (subsidiary company of Russia’s “Russian Railways Logistics”). Details of the project and cooperation between the companies are not disclosed.

Earlier, PKP LHS tested a new route for the delivery of goods from the European Union to Iran. This route also passed through the territory of Ukraine. The container was delivered from Sławków to Astara, on the border with Azerbaijan, within 9 days, and back – 13 days.

PKP LHS manages the broad-gauge railway line, which runs from the border with Ukraine to Sławków. Its length is about 395 km. In 2016, PKP LHS became a member of the Trans-Caspian route and is actively trying to develop new routes to the East.


Source: www.azernews.az

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