Poland pleased with EC’s change of heart on natural gas, nuclear power

A European Commission (EC) project classifying natural gas and nuclear power as sustainable energy is very beneficial for Poland, says the Polish ambassador at the EU.

In late December, yielding to pressure from France and southern EU member states, the EC suggested the two energy sources should be treated the same as renewable energy sources, thus making them eligible for EU funding.

“(The project) is very beneficial for Poland as it takes into account the role of both natural gas and nuclear energy,” Andrzej Sados said. “The French presidency of the EU will certainly focus on it in the first weeks of the year.”

According to Sados, the proposals included in the project are an example of Polish-French cooperation as both countries wanted natural gas and nuclear energy to be put on the EU funding list.

Under the proposal, investing in nuclear energy will be supported for the next 20 years and, in natural gas, for the next 10 years. In countries that rely heavily on coal in their energy mix, such as Poland, replacing coal with gas would be a favourable, gradual and less painful transition, according to the EC.

The project now has to be approved by all EU commissioners and then it will have to be endorsed by leaders of EU member states, which seems to be a likely outcome.


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