Poland’s PlayWay takes global 1st place in gaming ratings. Shares soar 13%.

The premiere of new games by the Polish publisher PlayWay took place on August 11 and two of the three places on the world podium are occupied by his productions. On Wednesday it was the first two places, on Thursday it was “only” the second and third.

“Car Mechanic Simulator 2021” is another game in the series, which is one of the best-selling titles of the Warsaw-based PlayWay company. The new, fourth installment of the car mechanic game debuted on Wednesday, August 11, and on that day it took the first two sales places on the largest platform in the world of PC games – Steam. Why two places at once?

One place belonged to the starter package of the game with two extras (Nissan and electric car) sold for PLN 111, and the other is the game itself – for PLN 85. After a great Wednesday, on Thursday, PlayWay was only ahead of the Canadian publisher NetEase Games with the action game Naraka: Bladepoint on the podium on Steam.

The stock exchange noticed a good premiere of the game. PlayWay shares go up 8.5 percent on Thursday. On Wednesday, they grew by 4.5 percent.

In June, the president of PlayWay, Krzysztof Kostowski, announced that the number of people interested in purchasing the game “Car Mechanic Simulator 2021” (the so-called wishlist) was about 170,000, and the demo was downloaded by 350,000.


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