Poland now world’s third favourite CX delivery location

Poland is the world’s third most favoured offshore customer experience (CX) delivery location in 2021, according to the latest Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey.

The annual survey this year sounded the views of 628 enterprise contact centre decision-makers across the demand markets of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA.

“The extent to which Poland was favourable in demand markets was solid in continental Europe, the UK and Australia. As more global and regional BPOs target the nearshore for CX delivery, there is no question that Poland is likely to at the forefront of choices,” Ryan tells Emerging Europe.

It was a clear first amongst survey participants in the US and Canada, tied for first place with India among UK respondents and was a strong second in Australia. It also had a very respectable showing in Germany. Aggressive promotional campaigns in key demand markets by South Africa’s CX services stakeholders are certainly a factor in this country’s showing.

So, too, is the view among enterprise CX buyers that South Africa is a high-quality service delivery destination.

Key takeaways

Poland’s performance is notable as it is the first time that a Central and Eastern European nearshoring destination has been included in the top five most favoured offshore destinations.

It speaks to the value that both outsourcers and buyers of services realise in delivery from Poland, and positions that country strategically for winning business from a variety of demand markets.


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