Poland moved up to 17th place in the ranking of attractiveness for investors in RES

Poland moved up in the EY RECAI ranking – the attractiveness of countries for those who invest in renewable energy sources – by one place to 17th position. The leader of the ranking remains the USA, followed by Germany, which this time overtook China. At the same time, Poland has become the 10th most attractive country in the world in the PPA ranking of contracts for the purchase/sale of energy from RES (last year it was 15th), according to the EY RECAI ranking.

“The energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine forces everyone to look for new sources of energy. The current global economic situation, inflationary pressures and emerging signs of recession may make it easier to increase spending on infrastructure projects. And this should create more opportunities for the RES industry by increasing the demand for green energy,” said Jarosław Wajer, the leader of the energy department in Poland and the CESA EY Region, quoted in the release.

EY said RECAI uses different criteria to compare the attractiveness of renewables markets, favoring large economies. Therefore, last year a normalized version of the index was added, which takes into account the GDP of individual countries. This allows you to see which markets perform above expectations in relation to their economic size, while also revealing ambitious energy transition plans in smaller economies, creating attractive alternatives for potential investors. In this year’s standardized ranking, Poland’s position is unchanged – it remains in 17th place, with Greece, Morocco and Denmark on the podium respectively.

The EY RECAI ranking also evaluates the attractiveness of the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) market, i.e. contracts for the long-term purchase/sale of renewable electricity. This is the biggest promotion of Poland, which has become one of the leaders of the PPA market in Europe. It was overtaken by countries such as Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, which started their PPA way much earlier, it was reported.

“Many companies, including international ones, conduct significant production, trade and service activities in Poland. Taking into account the high average emissivity of electricity generation in our country, enterprises are motivated to conclude PPAs for renewable energy sources,” said Maciej Markiewicz, partner of EY Polska.


EY has been evaluating the investment attractiveness of countries in terms of investing in renewable energy sources since 2003. The RECAI index covers the world’s 40 largest markets. Based on the RECAI EY database, from the end of 2021 it also publishes the second ranking – the attractiveness of the market of long-term contracts for the purchase and sale of renewable electricity under PPA contracts. In 2022, the so-called “normalized” RECAI index, which takes into account the GDP of individual countries.


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