Poland looks to pumped storage for improved energy security

To improve the country’s energy mix, Poland has announced plans to build new pumped storage power plants and thoroughly modernize the existing ones.

Joint actions for the development of fully ecological energy storage will be undertaken by the Ministry of Climate and the Environment, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, according to a release.

The letter of intent in this matter was signed on 22 October by the heads of entities participating in the initiative: Minister Michał Kurtyka, President Maciej Chorowski, and Vice Presidents Paweł Śliwa and Paweł Cioch.

The purpose of the letter of intent is to undertake comprehensive cooperation on projects aimed at the modernization and construction of new pumped storage power plants. The modernized and new plants will function as large and efficient energy storage facilities, as well as provide system services for the stabilization of the National Power System.

“The PGE Group is a national leader in the field of water power engineering. Our share in the domestic market of pumped storage power plants is around 90%. Pumped storage plants, in addition to the function of stabilizing energy in the grid, are primarily a mature technology of large-scale electricity storage, necessary to support the development of renewable energy sources in Poland,” said Paweł Śliwa, vice president of the management board of PGE for innovation.


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