Poland lobbies EU for 58 billion euro Virus Recovery Plan

Poland’s government says it has sent European Union officials its spending plan for the 58 billion euros it expects to receive from the bloc’s pandemic recovery plan.

The spokesman for Poland’s right-wing government, Piotr Mueller, said the detailed plan was sent Monday for the European Commission’s approval. Two weeks are given now for talks with the EU’s executive body.

Poland’s lawmakers are to vote on the plan Tuesday afternoon. The vote was made possible after the left-wing opposition Lewica (The Left) promised to back it, because a junior ruling coalition party is rejecting the plan.

Deputy Minister for Funds and Regional Policy, Waldemar Buda said the National Reconstruction Plan includes demands made by the left-wing for a sizable funds to go to local hospitals and local governments and to the construction of state-funded housing for 75,000 families. Money will also be spend on farming and infrastructure like renovating schools and hospitals and building new roads and railways.

The centrist opposition Civic Platform party wants the vote put off by two weeks until after it gets the commission’s opinion. It wants to add mechanisms that would ensure the funds are spent according to the plan.

The EU’s 750 billion-euro (over $900 billion) coronavirus recovery fund is meant to give its 27 members a strong boost as they recover from the pandemic.

Source: AP

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