Poland is building a highway to the Ukrainian border

Preparatory work for the construction of the highway has already begun.

In Poland to build a new highway, which will reach the Ukrainian border. This reports the press center of “Ukravtodor” who placed the data of the General Directorate for national roads and motorways of Poland (GDDKiA).

According to the report, the Polish road S12 will extend from the city of Piaski, near Lublin in the checkpoint “Dorohusk” on the Ukrainian border.

“This is another step on the road to investment,” – said on the website of Indirectiy of Poland, which notes that the program was implemented for state funds.

The highway should be two lanes in each direction, at the same time, as noted on the website of Indirectiy, possible solutions in case of necessity, the third stripe.

At the same time with the Ukrainian side are planned in the coming years to renovate a highway road M-07 from Kovel to the checkpoint “Yagodin” says the “Ukravtodor”.

It is also planned reconstruction of a detour around the town of Chelm, which will subsequently become a part of the Expressway S17 Lublin-Warsaw, – stated in the message.


Source: http://micetimes.asia

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