Cloud services competition ignites Poland

“We are on the right track to achieve cloud success. Poland has everything it needs. We have the infrastructure and the first Google Cloud region in Central and Eastern Europe. We have a lot of talents, well-educated staff as well as a good base of entrepreneurs and investment capital. It is important that we do not waste this chance”, said Magdalena Dziewguć, Country Manager Google Cloud Poland in the podcast “Forbes Polska”.

The beginning of the revolution
We are at the beginning of the cloud technology revolution. “A revolution similar to that caused, for example, by electrification or telecommunications on a large scale. Thanks to the fact that electricity could reach many recipients and power machines, and communication technologies reached many recipients, connecting them, a basis for accelerated development emerged. The same is with the cloud. In the past, in order to offer content, a journalist had to work for an organization that provided him with the infrastructure. Today, every talented creator can take all the necessary solutions from the cloud. This results in a great democratization of access, lowers entry costs and creates a greater chance for those who want to act”, explains Country Manager Google Cloud Poland.

In addition to Google Cloud, competitors include Microsoft, Alibaba, and SAP.


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