Poland has a chance to become a base of innovative start-ups.

Ukraine is the European leader in terms of the number of graduates of technical universities, it has a base of talented young people, but it lacks an ecosystem for the development of start-ups and access to financing. Another problem is the geopolitical environment and the real threat of war with Russia. The characteristics of the local market mean that many entities of this type immediately focus on foreign expansion and the export of their services or products to the West. The first natural step in this expansion are the neighboring markets, incl. Poland. For our country, attracting Ukrainian start-ups means a number of benefits, including transfer of competences in the field of advanced technologies.

- When it comes to the opportunities for the Polish market for Ukrainian start-ups, we can look at them from two perspectives. First of all, if we look at the traditional model of internationalization, i.e. the development of Ukrainian companies on foreign markets, it is natural that they will initially expand in Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia - says Witold Wiliński, the president of the management board, Newseria Biznes. GPW Tech. - Secondly, there are issues related to the financing of start-ups, because the financing made by Polish funds is also something that can be used by Ukrainian enterprises.

According to COIG data, there are over 3.5 thousand companies in Poland. companies in which one of the shareholders is a Belarusian company or a person with Belarusian citizenship. The number of such companies registered every year is systematically increasing. Before 2015, it was several dozen companies per year, in 2020 - 511, and last year - almost twice as many (911). Dynamic increases are also observed among companies with Ukrainian capital. Last year, over 4.6 thousand jobs were registered in Poland. companies, and only in January this year. there were 108 of them.


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