Poland allocates 2.2 GW of solar in renewables auctions, versus 300 MW of wind

The Polish Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) has announced the final results of its solar and wind auction for projects above 1 MW and another procurement exercise for renewables up to 1 MW in size. The tenders were held on June 8 and June 11, respectively.

In the first of the two auctions, solar accounted for around 1.2 GW of the assigned capacity. Around 24.7 TWh of power was contracted in total, which is only 68% of the 38.7 TWh that the ERO had expected to assign. Around 300 MW of capacity was set aside for wind power projects.

In the second procurement exercise, all of the contracted capacity – around 1 GW – went to PV projects. The ERO revealed that all 1,264 submitted offers were for solar installations, and that 11.9 TWh was contracted across 1,016 projects, although it had planned to assign 14.7 TWh.

“The high amount of projects submitted in the auction for smaller projects resulted in a competitive price of energy, which is essentially lower than current market price on the Polish wholesale market,” Piotr Pająk, a renewables reporter for the Gramwzielone website, told pv magazine.


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