Poland ‘actively exploring’ potential in Qatar’s technological landscape

More than 60 Qatari and Polish participants Monday attended the Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum, which aims to inform attendees about the digital landscape and potential business opportunities in Qatar.

To build and strengthen Polish-Qatari IT partnerships, teams include the Qatar Financial Center, Qatar-Poland Business Council as well as Ooredoo and Microsoft, said Tomasz Sadzinski, deputy Head of Mission the Embassy of Poland in Doha. The Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum was jointly organized by the Qatar Financial Centre and Embassy of Poland. Poland is actively exploring potential in the technological landscape of Qatar, whose digital market is expected to grow to $3.2bn worth of opportunities. The Polish companies view that Doha gives them a perfect opportunity to reach out to new markets as they look forward to introducing their services outside of Poland, which is the 20th biggest economy in the world in terms of GDP or gross domestic product based on purchasing power parity.

The prospects are being explored in various segments ranging from artificial intelligence, 5G to cloud services, as these technologies drive new functionalities and offer new uses to deliver innovative solutions.
More than 60 Qatari and Polish participants yesterday attended the event, which aims to inform attendees about the digital landscape and potential business opportunities in Qatar.

A spokesperson from a leading entity in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) from Poland said the group is interested in meeting local partners and investors interested in implementing or co-creating VR/AR projects the field of training, industry or education.

The Polish companies are also exploring potential in machine learning and one of the companies in the E-commerce stream is actively looking for an investor.

Qatar’s exports to Poland stood at $750.1mn, consisting mainly of LNG, while Poland’s exports to Qatar was diverse and stood at a record level of $102.3mn. The leading products groups included mechanical and electrical devices, agricultural products, and various types of furniture

Poland’s ambassador to Qatar Janusz Janke recently highlighted the existing co-operation and partnership between the two countries in various fields and their keenness to consolidate and develop them.


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