Poland: a work haven for Georgians

Why Georgian migrant workers are flocking to Poland.

The sound of various dialects from Western Georgia fills the air at Kutaisi International Airport, as passengers wait to board their Wroclaw-bound flight.

Airport workers explain to an elderly man how to register for his flight and get through passport control, while another goes through security with just a plastic bag instead of a backpack or suitcase.

A group of men — seemingly local rural residents — are having a large and expensive dinner in the duty-free zone. Some of them are chatting on the phone, sharing their plans with their friends: to spend the night at Wroclaw airport, and then to immediately set out looking for work.

This is our first look at Georgian labour migration to Poland.

Guram Jojua, 64, is from a village in west Georgia. He flew from Kutaisi to Wroclaw, but the sights of this beautiful European city are of little interest to him. Like many other passengers on the plane, he is here to find a job.

Guram has a plantation of 900 hazelnut trees in his village. But after the invasion of the stink bug, his harvest was destroyed, and he has no other source of income.

Work in Poland, even if temporary, is his only hope.

Moreover, his son-in-law has been working in Wroclaw for a year now.

“I am sure that they will help me and find a job,” Guram tells us.
Over the past two years, Poland has become one of the main areas for labour migration from Georgia.

Unemployment in Georgia is at 12.7 per cent, according to the official data of 2018.

The road to Russia is practically closed due to the conflict and the difficulty Georgians have in obtaining visas.

In recent years, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Germany were the main migration destinations for workers from Georgia.

But Poland is distinguished by the fact that work in this country is legal.

For citizens of several post-Soviet countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia – a work permit is issued in a simplified manner. For the citizens of Georgia, this is practically the only chance to get a legal job abroad.

Source and Full Story: https://jam-news.net/poland-a-work-haven-for-georgians/

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