Pointpack to invest 2.7 billion pln to build 100,000 parcel points

The Management Board of Pointpack estimates that the value of investments in the network of vending machines in Poland by 2025 may exceed PLN 2.7 billion.

“More and more often we observe a trend in which customers choose the method of delivery of their shipment, primarily driven by convenience. (…)Therefore, we are convinced that it would be beneficial for customers if each point or machine would be serviced by more courier companies. In such a situation, more customers could pick up their parcels more conveniently, said Piosik.

He also pointed out that, according to external forecasts, by 2025 30% of the total OOH volume (out of home deliveries – to vending machines and points) will be driven in the C2C trade channel, mainly by second-hand trade. Statistics also show that deliveries to courier machines allow you to handle up to an average of 600-800 shipments, compared to about 200 in the case of door-to-door delivery.

Pointpack has exceeded 40 million shipments and over 10,000 points of sending and receiving.

In June, the company announced that it was planning to move to the main market of the WSE in the second half of the year 2021.


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