Poczta Polska boosts payment terminals to 15,000.

Poczta Polska signed a new agreement with the consortium of Bank Pocztowy, PKO Bank Polski and eService Sp. zoo. in the field of cashless payment services, the operator said. The number of POS terminals is to increase to 15,000 with 12,000 over the next 3 years.

The new agreement between Poczta Polska and the consortium, covering the next 3 years, will allow to increase not only the number of POS terminals used by Poczta from 12,000 to 15000, but also enable the launch of other modern payment solutions.

“The offer of modern and various non-cash payments will allow us to effectively compete for customers on the market. Poczta Polska pays special attention to safe and convenient solutions. The agreement with the consortium enables the lease of POS terminals to provide a wide range of such services, and in the future it will enable the implementation of new innovative solutions, ”said Andrzej Bodziony, vice president of Poczta Polska.


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