Poczta Polska: Nowy Pocztex offers next-day delivery standard

Poczta Polska introduces changes to the Pocztex courier service, offering the standard of next-day delivery and price dependence on the format rather than the weight of the shipment, board members informed.
“We present a new version of Pocztex. Generally, it will be faster, cheaper and simpler, ”said president Tomasz Zdzikot.

“We have greatly and significantly simplified the Pocztex courier service offer. We have replaced today’s services, such as Paczka +, Ekspres 24, Kurier 48, Kurier Miejski, National Courier and Direct Courier, with Pocztex courier service. The Pocztex courier service will be provided in two services: the ‘Pocztex’ courier, the implementation of this service throughout the country will take place on the estimated D + 1 date, and the city courier – ‘Pocztex Na Today’ on D + 0, ‘same day’ . We will develop this service very intensively next year, ”said vice-president Andrzej Bodziony.

In the presentation, the Post Office announced that the latter service will be available in selected cities.


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