Poczta Polska expands its parcel collection service with Biedronka network and PointPack

Poczta Polska has made it possible – as part of a pilot project – to collect parcels directly at Biedronka stores. Poczta Polska already has the largest click & collect network in Poland.

For over 2 years, customers of Poczta Polska have been able to collect parcels from automatic parcel machines located in Biedronka stores. Recognizing the growing popularity of parcel pickup at points and vending machines, the company, together with Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A., decided to extend the existing cooperation with a test. As a result, it will be possible to collect parcels directly in Biedronka stores during everyday shopping.

The pilot is carried out with the participation of the technological partner PointPack.

“Together with our partners, we offer customers over 15,000 collection points, and within two years we want to expand the network to 20,000. (…)” said Andrzej Bodziony, vice president of Poczta Polska.


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