PARP: PLN 390 million to start in Eastern Poland

We know business ideas that will receive a grant to introduce the idea to the market under the “Development of startups in Eastern Poland” program. Among the projects there was among others an IT system for determining the moment of starting mare foaling, a platform connecting seniors with young people in order to provide care or a project facilitating the employment of deaf drivers. This was the eighth recruitment of start-ups that could obtain a maximum of PLN 1 million of non-returnable support for the development of an enterprise in the early stage of development.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development received 25 applications for a total amount of PLN 23.3 million. Ultimately, after formal and substantive verification, half of them received support in the competition financed by the Operational Program Eastern Poland. In subsequent calls for proposals for start-ups, PLN 200 million is still waiting for distribution.

There is still over PLN 200 million waiting for young innovative companies that want to spread their wings with the support of the “Development of startups in Eastern Poland” program. The entire budget of the competition is PLN 390 million. Round 11 lasts until March 30, under which new start-ups can obtain a development grant. Three more rounds will be held by the end of the year. The last recruitment will end on December 30, 2021.


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