Plenti obtained EUR 5 million for further development, mainly of the PlentiPartners program

Plenti raised EUR 5 million from investors in a financing round led by the 4growth VC fund, with the participation of Montis Capital and NIF, the company announced. Thanks to the acquired funds, Plenti will primarily develop PlentiPartners.

“Plenti raised approx. PLN 23.5 million (EUR 5 million) for its further development in the late seed round. Financing was also provided by NIF, business angels, including Piotr Biało (CFO and co-founder of Docplanner) and Kuba Filipowski (co-founder of Netguru), and existing investors who have been supporting Plenti since the pre-seed round, including AIP Seed, creators of the Blix group and founders of Allegro. The total value of capital raised by Plenti from investors is over PLN 30 million.

PlentiPartners is a new program where self-employed and SMEs can earn money by renting equipment to others. Partners buy consumer electronics, which they then lease to Plenti and receive regular, fixed remuneration – regardless of whether their devices have been rented in a given period. The equipment is insured and serviced by Plenti, and at the end the company buys it.

“In the first years of Plenti’s operation, we proved that consumers and entrepreneurs consider access more important than ownership. We have provided them with a platform that solves this problem from the demand side. Now we are introducing a supply-side solution,” commented Wojtek Rokosz, CEO and co-founder of Plenti, quoted in the release.

“The idea for Plenti fits perfectly into current market trends such as the circular economy and the change in customer habits from owning electronic equipment to renting. The company operates in a fast-growing market and its business model is highly scalable,” added Marcin Jaszczuk, managing partner of 4growth VC.


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