Plenti hopes to reach approx. 200 thousand. users at the end of 2023

Plenti hopes to reach approx. 200 thousand. users at the end of this year, informed CEO and cofounder Wojciech Rokosz. Launches the Plenti Partners platform for entrepreneurs who want to earn money by renting electronic equipment.

“We are an electronics subscription platform, we turn a product into a service. We have over 150,000 registered users, and by the end of the year we want to have approx. 200 thousand. For five years of operation, we have shown that it is possible to build an effective business in this model,” said Rokosz during a press meeting.

The main equipment categories in which users rent equipment are: gaming and VR, computers, smartphones, cameras, outdoor, as well as household appliances, TV, audio. Users order on average once a quarter, and an item is used by an average of 5 users in its life cycle. Plenti offers over 600 types of products, he pointed out.

“Now we are open to cooperation with entrepreneurs – VAT payers who want to earn money on rent. By launching the Plenti Partners program and the platform for partners, we are heading towards an equipment operator. Depending on the conditions, the amount of remuneration ranges from 12% per year in the contract for 24 months to 16.8% for 36 months. In the pilot program, we acquired dozens of partners and PLN 2 million for this cooperation,” indicated the CEO of the company.

In February, Plenti announced that it had raised over PLN 23 million from investors. The funding round was led by the 4growth VC fund, with the participation of Montis Capital and NIF. Thanks to the obtained funds, Plenti will primarily develop PlentiPartners – a new offer for entrepreneurs, thanks to which they can earn money by renting equipment.

Plenti is a platform for renting electronic equipment as part of the circular economy.


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